The Magic Rotor (by PRPaul1)

JALCO alloy wheel has only 16 spokes (12″X230). The video clip shows how to assemble the Magic Rotor. There is a video clip entitled ” the bicycle wheel generator with magic rotor.” Watch it and read the description as well. In looking at the pictures, you should be able to see that the rotor is made of 8 identical magnet holders. The magnets are located above the rim. In attempting to make your version of the rotor, you will take into consideration the size of the magnets that you want to use. By example, if your magnets are 3″ in diameter, You will need to make the holder tall enough to clear about 3.5″ above the rim since you do not want magnets or coils to touch the pressure bolts. In the video clip, the attractive magnetic force is the only thing holding the rotor together. If you happen to use this primitive prototype rotor model to build an alternator, you will need to replace the wood with other materials that are not affected by humidity. Some people will declare that you cannot possibly get enough power from this generator. I will simply remind these people that power of the magnet is what matters. For very strong magnets, you can consider using motorcycle or scooter wheels that have hubs that are stronger and have stronger axles. In this “lab” model, I used a JALCO wheel that has a yellow label with these words on it: JALCO 6061 ALLOY Made in Taiwan 10″ X 203. I contacted the company and asked about the wheels. They wanted to know how many I needed. I replied

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  1. indibry says:

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  2. TheRealDealinlife says:

    That is somthing that works!!

  3. gmesthermax says:

    If you want to get the plans for building a Magnetic Generator
    Just search Google for “top magnetic generator” and click the first result
    I found it to be a great resource


    @generatorblue Dam that much neo magnet deserves respect,i think they can crush bones and fingers too,OCH,

  5. generatorblue says:

    @HANDBALLDIEHARD I recycled lots of hard drive magnets and I purchased lots of neo magnets. I used neo magnets in all my alternators. But, I bought a set of 1 1/2″ diameter by 1/2″ tall neos and decided that I was not going to build with them because they just scared me. When I built my first set of rotors 5 years ago, I was using ceramic magnets. But the rotors came together and trapped some skin from my hand between them. I was alone and it took 30 painful minutes to free my skin. Thanks!


    @generatorblue Buy some neo magnets,small super powerful,also there are neo magnets in computer hard drives,if you take them apart,lotsa bad ones around that are worthless but good for scavenging parts,those magnets in HD’s are very cool they are North South on top and bottom on either end and reversed at opposite ends,also they are curved good for building circular objects.I heard if you can create a strong enough mag field of repulsion it creates anti-gravity !,it is highly top secret info !

  7. generatorblue says:

    @HANDBALLDIEHARD Hi! You have me thinking about magnetic coupling. Do they build magnetic clutches? If you search for “Magnetic Levitation Windmill” you will find something that you like. I suggest that you build one and take it one step further by adding a third magnet in the middle. On many occasion I stacked up a few small doughnut magnets with a pencil at their center while the magnets repelled each other. I am sure that you have done the same. I’m trying to use smaller and fewer magnets.


    @generatorblue Oh ok its just about rotating magnets to experiment with an alternating pulse ac generator.yea its fun experimenting with basic electrical even more interesting experiment would be to demonstrate to people the invisible power of magnets by placing 2 of these parrallel to each other,spin one and the other will be motivated to turn too,thats what i meant by magnetic couple.many videos faking perpetual motion things use that trick to give the appearance of it.

  9. generatorblue says:

    @HANDBALLDIEHARD Hi! In general, it is always a good idea to read a few of the previous comments before you write one yourself. This is why companies usually have pages of FAQ (Frequently asked Questions).
    People who build permanent magnet alternators are familiar with the term rotor. A rotor is not a motor.


    Ha Ha ever heard of magnetic coupling?,funny how after you aliened it with the hidden invisible field it spun up and reached a constant the driving magnets or field you used to power it.wheres it hidden ?

  11. generatorblue says:

    @GreggPayne A rotor is not a self-powered wheel. A rotor is part of an electric motor. Rotors and stators are the two main parts of motors and generators. I named this one is “magic” because it is easy to build with hand tools. Eventually, I will assemble the “magic” motor and will not need to give it a spin. You can watch the “bicycle wheel generator with magic rotor” video to see the rotor together with copper coils generating a little bit of electricity when I give it a spin.

  12. GreggPayne says:

    I think the little shove you gave it to get going would spin a standard bicycle wheel longer without anything attached.

  13. GreggPayne says:

    The little shove you gave it to get going would spin a standard bicycle wheel longer without anything attached.

  14. polysemousncrk says:

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  15. generatorblue says:

    @CommonBelief Hi! With the “magic rotor” video, I included 30 lines of text describing building procedures and material used. I did the same for the “bicycle wheel alternator with magic rotor” video. Below the viewing screen of each video, you usually can read a line of text that either ends up with 3 dot “…” and have a “double arrow down button” located at the upper right corner of the text section, or have the words “more info” in blue at the lower right corner. Click on links and read. Thks

  16. CommonBelief says:

    @generatorblue any chance you can provide a more detailed description of how to make the magic rotor?

  17. CommonBelief says:

    any chance you could give us a more detailed explanation of how you built this?

  18. generatorblue says:

    @271828183141592654 The truth is that I am always looking for ways to improve everything that I make. In the case of the magic rotor, the bottleneck is to have a wheel that is balanced (true) and will remain balanced for a long time. I also cannot use wood unless I cover it with multiple layers of paint. Yet, the simplicity of the assembly is promising. If you can make it better before I do, please share. Thanks again!

  19. 271828183141592654 says:

    @generatorblue, Yes, please pursue this. I think that there is something really good behind it.

  20. generatorblue says:

    @271828183141592654 I neglected the magic rotor setup for a couple of years now because it was based on a narrow rim with few spokes. I promise to come up with a setup that can use a wider variety of bicycle wheels and also delivers more power. When I built the “hangaround windmill”, I promised that I would make an alternator with a bicycle wheel. The “bicycle wheel alternator with magic rotor” was the first such alternator. The “Haitian alternator is another. Thank you! I will try again.

  21. 271828183141592654 says:

    Great. Am impressed.

  22. generatorblue says:

    @TerdFergesson Your weed or something else that you also do must have dropped you. This is not about magic, it is about a rotor used in generating electricity. It always helps to read the previous comments before you write your own.
    Try again!

  23. TerdFergesson says:

    @ 0:22, you dropped your weed

  24. slanderousndgs says:

    True Free energy devices exist,But the coverup is very strong,Go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and get the blueprints for a genuine magnet motor ,Big change is comming soon!

  25. thefuturescience says:

    May be it could be a free gift but nothing is free in this universe till now in my experience.May be in future some brain can produce free energy.In my experience output is always less than input in equal value.
    We can make free moving devices but no more out put.So its useless in practical and commercial matter.Appreciated your Ideas but its not new.

    Ganesh Man Lama
    Researcher/concept designer
    Nepal alternative power resources p ltd

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