Low RPM Permanent Magnet Generator

For sale high out-put, low rpm, working generator. 100 watts at 120 rpm and 200 watts at 170 rpm. For charging a 12/ 24 volt system.

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6 Responses to Low RPM Permanent Magnet Generator

  1. Blackbeardthepilot says:

    How much

  2. W4ABN says:

    This is pretty cool! Looks good.

  3. markp0177 says:

    @CredoVeritas It will take a lot of power to turn this generator more than 500 to 600 rmps. The recommended rpm is between 150 and 300. I have spun it with no load around 500rpms. Mark

  4. CredoVeritas says:

    What is the maximum recommended rpm?

  5. markp0177 says:

    @shartne I would put 9 to 11 blades with a 7 to 8 foot dia. Mark

  6. shartne says:

    Looks like a good idea I wonder how long of blades it would take to make it turn for a wind generator?

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