Maglev Wind Turbine Demo CGI for proposed 2GW Magnetic Leviatated wind Turbine. *Efficient Frictionless Power Generation with less maintenance, compared to HAWT. No oil change or replacement of the bearings, gears. Since, MAGLEV does NOT require such. ** Current bearing technology has forced wind turbine designers into horizontal spindle three bladed wind turbines. In this design the huge blades are connected to a spindle in the center. The bearings that support the spindle and control the pitch of the blades (which can be hundreds of feet long) see huge pitch-moment loading, some of which is manifest as torque energy that is focused through the center spindle. The target speed for the spindle is 18 or 20 rpm and the bearings holding the spindle are mounted in a huge casting which also contains a large gearbox stepping the speed up to 1800 to 2000 RPMs which allows for the proper surface speed relationship between the coils and magnets. It is necessary to invert or condition the current, which is expensive. This gearbox is full of many large bearings, gears and castings; for a 2 MW turbine the gearbox can easily weigh 30 tons. This gearbox needs to be mounted on the top of a pole more than 150 feet in the air and be able to support the turbine blades under full-force wind conditions. ***MAGLEV Power Generation, the pitch moment ratio is closer to 1-to-1 then the 100-to-1 as with a horizontal spindle design.

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  1. CJDiggs says:

    @redsquirrelftw and not be stopped by nuclear industry PR and lobbying.

  2. rawheas says:

    @ztcrown id like to think it will be cheaper… but you can’t know until it has been constructed. have actual plans been drawn up with an estimate cost or is this just the idea?

  3. ztcrown says:

    well, still costs less than Nuclear plant and MUCH safer …..

  4. rawheas says:

    this would cost billions to construct such a massive GW sized turbine. It could be a good idea, but its kind of a long shot wether or not it will be an economical solution.

  5. rawheas says:

    this is GW sized… i hope you realize that it would cost well into the billions to construct such a device. it may work well but its kind of a long shot.

  6. redsquirrelftw says:

    I think it would be better if they used tanker trains so they could compress the electrons for better volume per load, when delivering them to the city.

    In all seriousness, I think this is an awesome idea. Nuclear energy is better then fossil fuels, but renewable is better then nuclear at least from an environmental aspect. Just need big projects like this to actually take off and not be stopped by stupid political BS.

  7. perjanan says:


  8. DancingSpiderman says:

    @ztcrown I enjoy your video. I live in Glendale AZ. I didn’t know the landscape in Sierra Vista was so lush with green fields. But the landscape is missing mexicans escaping into the U.S. That city… is it Phoenix or Tucson? The vid is cool.

    I’m hoping for a non-turbine form of power generation, one that makes use of the Vacuum Energy Density/nuclear energy conversion that occurs at the surface boundary of molecules. A means of rectification of current flow needs to be developed though.

  9. ztcrown says:

    Correct !!! I with you all the way…

  10. AwakenFromTheSlumber says:

    @ztcrown I am all for this kind of stuff, we need be be investing in Wind, Wave, Tidal, Soler, Geo-thermal, Hydrogen as well as developing fully operational Nuclear Fusion plants.

  11. ztcrown says:

    well, carbon fiber air foils will create more torque with wind helping it to spin…

  12. AwakenFromTheSlumber says:

    @ztcrown but it seems quite simple to create mega-powerfull magnets and just have them spinning turbines all day every day forever to generate electricity, why cant we do that?.

  13. ztcrown says:

    why not, That’s where I am from . LOL …

  14. ztcrown says:

    ASAP !!! just need some $ with lots of zeros … lol. Actually working on few project…

  15. ztcrown says:

    Correct !!! super conductive magnets with HTS wires ….

  16. ztcrown says:

    Right on !!!!!

  17. ztcrown says:

    LOL !!!

  18. ztcrown says:

    well, this animation is couple of years old. New design incorporates axial stabilizer magnets.

  19. ztcrown says:

    Awesome concept !!!! Thx !!!

  20. ztcrown says:

    we actually use that concept. w w w .

  21. ztcrown says:

    Bigger the better !!!!

  22. ztcrown says:

    Actually, no gears. no center axis… no touching parts, similar to brush-less motor/generator.. It’s levitated…

  23. ztcrown says:

    Precisely, Super conductive magnets with HTS wires… actually, this is just a concept animation from while back, Actual design of Maglev Wind Turbine is completely different, complete levitation ( no friction) and much more efficient. Thx !!!

  24. AwakenFromTheSlumber says:

    Couldnt you just create energy by making turbins turn using very powerfull magnets?.

  25. nyrtz2me says:

    Where can I get some of those frictionless gears? I’ve got a perpetual motion machine I’m working on…

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